SOS! Scales Fluctuations

October 10, 2022

SOS! Scales Fluctuations!

I wanted to explain something to you today that KEEPS COMING UP! I'm sure you can relate to feeling stressed AF over the scales and their fluctuations at some point? I'm going to explain the REASONS behind WHY they fluctuate & why you don't need to FREAK OUT every time they do!

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This is genuinely one of the BIGGEST and MOST COMMON issues ladies I work with encounter throughout their fitness journey. We've been programmed to be absolutely horrified when we see the scales go up. We've been conditioned to think of ANY gain as a bad thing. We're so used to being scales focused as females, it's extremely difficult to be 'ok' with seeing them either not change, or go in the opposite direction.
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I feel lots of head nods happening right now...I've been there too! It was a big struggle for me to wrap my head around why the scales weren't dropping even though I'd been ticking all the boxes & working really hard...
When a new client comes on board and has previously struggled with having a scales-focused mentality, as a coach, it's my duty to educate them as to WHY these fluctuations happen and lessen the stress they are feeling around weighing themselves. As I always say; when you UNDERSTAND something, it becomes much less daunting!So, let's take a look at some of the reasons you may see the scales fluctuate....

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So, as you can see, there are quite a few reasons why the scales can fluctuate, even day to day! 

Heavy leg day? Hello inflammation!Time of the month? Hello bloating & water retention! Hormones have a huge impact on the scales.Eat a heavy-carb meal last night? You're full of glycogen & pulling more water into your muscles! A high sodium meal will also mean excess water retention in the body.Digestive issues/feeling blocked up? Then it makes sense that the scales reflect the fact you have lots of food sitting in your gut! Dehydrated? Fluid loss = drop on scales (not the good kind)!Bad sleep? Feeling super stressed? Yup, you guessed it, scales will be up due to elevated cortisol levels.Eating different meals one day to the next? With differing food volume going in, the scales will be much more likely to go up & down, if meals are more consistent / stay the same day to day, there will be less fluctuations. Taking medication? Many medications can interact with the scales, so if you notice a spike when you've started a new pill, anti-biotic, or any other kind of medication, don't fret!

The scales don't tell us everything, but they're a useful tool!
Other things you may want to consider when weighing yourself is the time & frequency you weigh yourself. Weighing daily = accurate & allows you to monitor fluctuations. Weighing weekly = much more inaccurate & doesn't show you a weekly picture. If you weigh yourself at 6am with no food or drink in you, vs 6pm when you've trained, eaten, drank, been to work and whatever else, then you're going to be a completely different weight - a few kilos is very normal to gain throughout the day. 

I hope this email helped you Nikki. And please, if you have any questions about scale fluctuations & why they might be happening to you, just reach out by replying to this email! 
Until next time, Love and Light,
Nikki xx
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