4 Carb Busting Myths you NEED to know about to lose weight FAST

June 8, 2022
carbs, bread, pasta grains

Straight from the Drs Mouth:

"While many people limit carbs (Think: keto or low-carb diets), they’re an essential macronutrient. Cutting back on carbs too drastically can lead to low energy levels and cause you to overeat. “There are many misconceptions about carbohydrates,”

The reality is this:

Carbs don’t need to be labelled as the bad guys of weight loss. If you prioritise minimally processed  whole-food sources of carbs like whole-grain bread, brown rice and potatoes, you'll feel fuller for longer, more satiated and less like to crave sugary processed carbs.

Myth Number 1 (you've no doubt heard this one before!)

You cant eat carbs and lose weight

You’ve no doubt heard someone say they’re “cutting carbs” to lose weight. Maybe you’ve even said it yourself. I know I have!

But registered dietitians want you to know it’s not the only way to lose weight.

“It’s true that keto dieters, who drastically cut carbs, experience faster initial weight loss,” studies suggest. However, this may be due to water weight loss, and you might regain the weight once you give up the strict eating style.

Ultimately, studies show  overall weight loss results from keto or low-carb diets match other, less restrictive plans- which is that over time, the dieter gained the weight they lost back plus a further 20%!

What’s more, including carbs in weight-loss plans is often more sustainable.

Myth Number 2 :

Carbs cause fat gain

Another concept that gets banded about a lot in the dieting industry is this — that carbohydrates are more easily stored as fat than the other two macronutrients, protein and fat — This just isn’t true.

Carbohydrates in their most broken-down form are sugar, yes, which is extremely easy for the body to break down.

But you don't ingest sugar in its rawest form, the body goes through a complex system of digestive enzymes to break that down further to turn those carbohydrates into glycogen and send them to where they are needed.. In fact because a carbohydrate is so easy to break down, they are needed most in the body as a primary fuel for the brain, muscles and practically every organ- even will power comes down to carbohydrates!


There are 3 ways for the body to process carbohydrates with the last being the most inefficient (the body will only do this as a VERY last resort)


  1. Your body thinks it’s a waste of energy to create a storage site, so it increases its metabolic rate enough to burn them.
  2. They will be stored as glycogen in muscle tissue or the liver to be used for energy during exercise.
  3. Your body will begin the process of lipogenesis or fat storage.

So not only is the s not true- its the least likely cause of event also.

Myth Number 3 :

A Carb is a Carb- they're all created equal

No, no, no, no, no.

When people think of 'carbs' they tend to think immediately of bread and pasta. but [carbs] come in many forms, and some are more helpful than others. Often, when someone is “cutting carbs,” they really mean removing the aforementioned foods from their diet and processed carbohydrates such as pastries and sugar.

Don't forget, pulses [beans, legumes and peas], yogurt and milk, fruit, veggies and whole grains all contain varying amounts of carbohydrate. Studies link consumption of wholesome carbs with healthier and longer lives.”


Myth Number 4 :

Processed Carbs are addictive

Have you ever questioned whether you’re addicted to sugar or pasta? Many people have, you're not alone.

The idea these foods are physically addictive is nonsense, according to Kerry Fannon McCarthy, RD.

“There are physical, emotional and behavioral reasons we eat,” she explains.

“As a society, our thinking is very all-or-nothing.

We label foods as good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. We have an All or Nothing mindset .We also like to rebel as humans. If we tell ourselves a particular food we like is off-limits and bad, we may not purchase it.”

There’s just one problem: When we inevitably encounter these foods at events, restaurants or on takeout menus, we start to feel out of control. That leads us to assume we are “addicted” and can’t be trusted around these foods.

This is not because of something in the food itself,” she explains. “It’s about the power we have given our thoughts about the food.”

If you feel this way about carbs, McCarthy recommends aiming to enjoy everything in moderation. “When we have these foods around, we know they’re there if we want them. That decreases the all-or-nothing thinking.

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carbs, bread, pasta grains

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