Consistency.. and why its the 1 skill you need to progress and lose weight

August 26, 2022
consistency, person, woman

What is Consistency, how do you achieve it and what has it got to do with weight loss exactly?consistency, person, woman

How do you guarantee results in a world where everything is designed for immediate validation and at the tips of our fingers?
It’s a difficult question to answer in our modern era: we want business results fast, we wa

nt immediate growth; validation of our efforts instantly, we want weight loss yesterday! and unfortunately the modern world is designed to give us that…

We can order food at a click and have it delivered within 15 mins!

We can order a film online and watch it immediately!

Same day Amazon prime delivery….

We’ve created a society where we expect things instantly. Is there any wonder we expect weight loss to be the same?

This instant gratification therefore rubs off on multiple areas of our personal life : take weight loss or muscle tone for example; after living in a society that glamourises the quick, the fast the hustle; weight loss isn’t sexy or convenient because it… takes…time. Time that we dont feel we have, time we feel we're stripped from with our busy hustle lives, family commitment, children and social circles.

But what if you flipped the script on weight loss and our expectations?

What if you started to embrace the process and find a solution that felt as good as it looks instead of the the next quick fix shake detox?

The truth be told; anything worth having takes time, diligence and consistency. But that doesn’t have to mean it’s arduous and hard.
Truth be told; the only strategy that will work with your health and fitness goals is the one you can stick to consistently.


So How do you create consistency?

Its something I teach my clients directly inside Best Version Yet; my online programme to help busy women lose weight, rediscover unstoppable self confidence and build better habits for the rest of their lives by bridging the gap between self- mastery, personal development and cutting edge nutrition coaching.

Check out some of the transformations here

So... tips to create consistency:

1- Create an environment of growth mindset- Things dont have to be 'perfect' straight away. Small manageable steps and chunks to make lasting changes are much more realistic.

2- Expect your results to take longer than you anticipated; This isnt a quick fix, this is a lifestyle change, be compassionate enough to yourself that you change your timeline on your results to become process driven; the outcome will be a natural bi-product of those changes.

3- Get some help; Arguably you've been rattling around not knowing what to do for the best for some time; get some personalised help from a coach or mentor who can look objectively where you are and create a strategised plan to move you forwards.

4- Work on stacking new habits with current ones; want to walk more? Chose to park your car further away at the train station you already drive to every day. Want to eat healthier at lunch, create a portion big enough to take with you when you make dinner the night before.

5- Create a routine which you can stick to! No use telling yourself you have to go to the gym 5 nights per week when you know its likely 3- create an environment for success and you'll feel more inclined to keep doing it- thats what counts in the long term after-all.

Some food for thought… pardon the pun!


Love and Light

Nikki x

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