How to deal with negativity when starting your weight-loss journey

June 21, 2022
negativity, emojis, person, facial expressions

How to deal with negativity when starting your weight loss journey 

negativity, emojis, person, facial expressions

When starting your journey to too lose weight, rediscover unstoppable self confidence and build better habits for life, one of the most common reasons why people do not continue or see it through, is because of a lack of support from those around them.

The reality is, you might find that not everyone is eager to encourage your quest to transform and follow your dreams

If you’re used to socialising with certain friends at the pub, or ordering Friday night takeaway with your partner, then it’s possible that you’ll have to put up with some teasing or even downright negativity towards your new goal. People harbour negative thoughts towards fitness and weight loss for a wide variety or reasons, but the most common? 

They’ve not experienced or it for themselves or they simply don’t understand how important it is to you! (Negativity Ninja 101)

You may find that some key relationships in your life change when you decide to transform your body and mind along the way.

Today, i'll explain the main people who you might (surprisingly) hear a bit of negativity towards your weight-loss journey, and most importantly, how you can overcome it! ⬇️


It’s important that your partner is supportive throughout your entire transformation and weight loss process. You’ll be changing your life in a variety of ways and it is important that they need to be on board with those changes before making the decision to transform your life, it will, after all, transform theirs too!

For example, if you decide to swap out that Friday night pizza for something your coach has put on your nutrition plan, whilst you can’t force them to join you or try eating new foods, it would be better if you could go on the journey together, emotionally if not physically. 

Your partner need to understand how important your journey is to you and to stop bullying you about not wanting another slice of pizza, step away from the cheesecake! 

And if they’re constantly making passive-aggressive comments about the time you spend in the gym, or how you’re no fun anymore, then they’ll need to understand that this isn’t a diet or a quick fix; this is part of who you are now. It’s your body, your decision and ultimately your life.


Whether you have a ton of friends and family and are used to sharing details about your private life, or you can count the number of real friends you have on one hand, the point here is the same:

If the people closest to you treat you badly because you’ve made a life-changing decision to invest in your health and long term happiness, then you may need to reconsider if they are the kind of people you want to consider under the term “friend”.

Generally, people who make negative comments are usually jealous because they wish they had the self-control to say no to one more drink, or second another cake and coffee. Nine times out of ten, it’s a reflection on themselves and not on you. It can be difficult especially when it’s those who you class as your nearest and dearest but you really have to make your boundaries clear, fair and firm. 


People you work with may have something to say about you choosing to spend your lunch hour differently, or how your attitude to certain situations has taken a new direction and different perspective.

Interestingly the Human race appears geared to highlight the negative in situations almost habitually, 

Instead of moaning about the weather, or wallowing in unhappiness about your weight and lack of fitness, why not try spreading smiles and positivity through the office and see how contagious that can be?


It can be tough to alter years of habits, wether that is negative self talk, your relationship with food or body image and self care. The number one person who can handle negativity when it comes to your journey for weight-loss is you.

Shift your attention to spending time with those who celebrate your successes with you and inspire you to continue your journey .

Ultimately you are completely accountable for what you react to, yes even when the carbs are low and the patience are thin. 

You’ve got this! 


Nikki xx

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