My Life Changed Last Friday

June 4, 2022
coaching, woman smiling


coaching, woman smiling


On Friday last week I had the pleasure and honour of speaking to and meeting 2 of the most inspiring people I've ever met in my life and journey and I want to share 2 pieces of wisdom with you which I learnt from them.

These 2 inspiring individuals were Kirk Miller and Dan Lawrence.

Even as a successful coach in my own right I ca be inspired when i’m around others who are at the top of their craft.

Both are what you would call "high-performance coaches"in every aspect of their careers and clients performances.

Kirk has built a coaching community of immensely high earning business professionals who thrive not only on their physical transformations but on their personal development too- something which, if you already work with me you’ll know is VERY close to my heart.

Dan is a coach to professional athletes and clubs around the world, as well as head of performance for Matchroom boxing.

I want to put that into perspective for you...

If you give a 5-year-old some boxing gloves and throw them in a ring with Mike Tyson and Mohammad Ali. 🥊

That was me in the room with Kirk and Dan on Friday.

Im humble enough to be inspired and know that the circle of people I surround myself with will have huge impact on not only my journey, but in turn, my clients.

The 2 things I believe will have the greatest impact on your life right now are these.

1. You're not simply losing weight, you're on a mission of changing your identity.

If you've struggled with your weight for most of your life, this could be the key reason why.

If you find that you can lose a little bit of weight, or maybe even a lot of weight but then gain it all back again, and then some, this could be the key reason why.

The reason for this is; Your identity is still that of someone who's overweight or unhealthy.

The person you want to become is not the person you are right now.

That means if you want lasting weight loss, you need to be prepared to let go of your current identity.

Let go of habits that don't serve you.

Let go of friends or social circles that stop you from growing and becoming the person you want to be.

Let go of the limiting beliefs you have about yourself and what you're capable of.

Instead its about :

Acting like the person you say you want to be.

One of the ways you can do this is by doing something Kirk coined "Violating your beliefs".

What that means is, any thought you have of failure or that you're not good enough, or destined to be overweight forever.

You must immediately violate that belief

Do something that disproves and eradicates that limiting belief as soon as possible.

Do that over and over again and you'll begin to transform the way you see yourself.

One of the ways I'm doing that at the moment is this:

Every time I have a thought about not being good enough, I get the notes app on my phone and I write it down.Its called noting and noticing. It's a technique often used in psychotherapy and personal development.

For example -

"I spoke to a coach who is way younger than me but i perceive to be more experienced than I am and this made me question my abilities.”

Then underneath I will write 10 things that disprove my limiting belief

Every time I've done this, the self-doubt has gone away.

2. If you want to be the best version of yourself possible you MUST have high standards when no one is watching"

I’ll be the first person to admit this -

The high-performance individual I strive to be is going to need me to step my personal standards up several notches; in personal life, business and family life. 🙋🏻‍♀️

This is something I immediately started to work on (and there's some exciting things in the pipeline because of that!)

After reviewing my current habits on the train home on Friday night and constructively pulled myself apart.

Can you honestly say right now that you’re your best self every single day?

When it's just you and your mind, do you give yourself the easy way out?

Is it time for you to review your standards and be honest about what you're doing?

One final thing I want to share with you is a sentence Kirk Miller said that I haven’t been able to get out of my head

"Be the standard you want others to emulate"

That line will stick with me and I hope it does for you too

Who around you is emulating your standards right now?

Are they the standard which are aligned with your goal?

If not, what can you do about it?

I hope this helps you as much as it helped me.

Become your Best Version Yet

Nikki xx

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