"Nikki is an amazing coach, not only for training and nutrition, but also for everyday life too.

She helped me get my confidence back and feel like my amazing self again!

Cannot thank her enough and looking forward to continuing to grow on my journey with her."


Client Transformations

Clients' Before & After

Clients' Testimonials

a clients before and after photo after loosing weight

Christina's Success Story

"Having struggled with losing weight before, I decided to get online coaching this time.

Having Nikki coaching me has literally been the best decision I could have done for myself, mentally and physically. Having someone to be accountable to has really helped me kick-start my journey and I have actually stuck to it... which I never did before. That was how I done it, and it wasn't sustainable long-term.

She has taught me a lot about food nutrition... her extensive knowledge is everything and I'm not eating thin air, I am actually eating more!"

Rachael's Success Story

"Nikki has had a positive impact on helping me with my nutrition and fitness. Nikki had set goals that are achievable, helped me keep focused and work around working full time and having a young family.

In such a short space of time, I feel more energised and fitter than I was before I had my children. Spending time exercising and walking in the fresh air has also improved my mental health, giving me a more positive outlook!​

Thank you and I'm excited to continue this journey."
client weightloss before and after photo

Client Results


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