Why GOAL setting is the Number 1 thing you need for success. The surprising benefits you didn’t know about:

September 21, 2022
Goals, goal setting, medal

Why GOAL setting is the Number 1 thing you need for success. The 9 surprising benefits you didn’t know about:

Why set goals? I this question a lot from my clients. Until quite recently , it didn’t previously occur to me that there is a lot of misunderstanding and confusion about goals and why they're so vital for your progress...

People just don’t know why they set goals and what the benefits are. If they do it, it’s because someone told them it is important. But do you actually know why?

To me, goal setting is a natural thing to do, but even I find a great motivation to “remind” myself why is it important to set goals.

I say it's a "natural' thing for me to do; when i actually thats not entirely true: I've conditioned myself over years of sporting events, or dance shows and bodybuilding competitions to understand innately the benefits to my progress when i have clearly defined goals and a vision set out ahead of me.

So what's the purpose of setting a goal:

Goal setting may seem like an arduous task but without the following you cannot expect yourself to make and continue to keep making life changing choices and decisions.

Goal setting/ Vision Planning helps us align our actions with the things we value most highly and reverse engineer that outcome to happen.


Think of the concept like this:


You jump in your car, pop the Sat-Nav on and start driving... but where to?... why? ... what are you hoping to achieve? Are you going the right way?

Compare that instead to having crystal clear defined goals and outcomes; You jump in your car with a specific destination in mind, you know exactly what route to take, how long it likely to be, any potential hold ups on route and you are clear about where you are going!

Makes it muuuuuuucccccchhhhhh easier to stick with the route. Your goals for your weight loss are no different.

Goal setting helps us by giving us:

  • clarity;
  • confidence;
  • focus;
  • direction;
  • simplicity
  • life with purpose
  • a sense of accomplishment;
  • charisma;
  • energy
  • live longer
  • make life happen
  • unlock the potential of your heart
  • learn and grow
  • and .. have joy/fulfilment

How do you set bullet proof goals?

This is my bullet proof formula to set out my intentions for my life goals, but also for my health and fitness too. Its a process i learned from one of my great  mentors; Tony Robbins and today I'm going to share that with you 💕
Top Tips:
Sit down with a blank piece. of paper and a pen and brain dump: What do I wanna achieve in the next 3 months, 12 months, 5 years, 10 years, 25 years?
Write as far as you can see into the future. (these need to be reviewed daily and measured daily/ weekly monthly etc)
I usually set goals at the end of the year around Christmas time where i can seclude myself for 1 hour and write.
1. Write everything down ( If its in your head it's dead)
2. Brainstorm list anything like to achieve, give, have or do over next period of life (unstructured it best just write and flow)
3. Break this down into categories- things and stuff, experiences, economic/financial, career/business- growth, health and fitness, contribution. Set a 30 mins timer in total and spend a maximum of 5 mins on each section.
4. Time bounding - Go through your list and number them in accordance to when you'd like to achieve them by 1,5,10,15,20 (years)
5. The Next step is to Focus down- Get specific on your next 12 months ; Chose your top 5, most balanced goals to work towards.
6. Write down your top 5- the "why' must absolutely be within the next 12 months.
7. Make every goal SMART- metrics for each to show how you'll measure them. For instance " I want to lose 10lb" becomes "I want to lose 10lb and drop 1 dress size by May 2023 and i'll do this by exercising 2 x per week and following a macro nutrition meal template" 
8. Share those goals with a few people, mentors etc accountability to someone in your peer group is vital to make it become a reality.

Ultimately setting goals, achieving goals and even failing goals helps you learn… learn about yourself, learn about others.

And this helps you learn, change and grow to become your Best Version Yet.

If you'd like more personalised help with your goal setting dont hesitate to reach out!

Id be happy to help!


Love and Light,


Nikki xGoals, goal setting, medal



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